It seems weather lately has been up and down ,and all around. I realize though this can be a business killer depending on your line of work or even your demographic. Rising above though through internet sales or marketing helpful products can improve sales even though you don’t have a walk in customer. But if you own a bar I would post a rain dance event and see who shows up.


The busier the better!

Well the businesses I have been helping seem to be doing well with everyone coming back from summer vacations, it should be back to business as usual. My tip of the month: find a way to centralize your marketing to cover a vast amount of area. Till next time, keep it local.

Mike McCarthy

This past two weeks notes

So I hope everyone enjoyed July 4th. Seeing people together in the community enjoying watching entertainment brought to us by our local firework business was a cool thing. I have been enjoying all the new businesses popping up this month and seeing my cousins new pumpkin farm was a treat as well. Something I hope to achieve in a few weeks is a chance to get a volunteer group together and do something for the local community. With some of the people I know that do these sort of things during the summer I hope I get a chance to participate, or even lead a group myself. It’s almost the weekend so hang in their people we are close to enjoying the weekend. I will be popping in on some local business meet ups here soon so keep a lookout.

Until next time thanks for reading.

Mike McCarthy

Day offs

With all the days off I am getting next week it seems like a great time to get some things done. I plan to maybe do some meet and greets with some old friends and hopefully maybe making some new ones along the way. My thoughts on not being open on July 4th by the way is go ahead and be with family. Being closed on that day is up to you, I would usually say running a morning shift then booking it to the fireworks and cooking out in the afternoon would be my choice. Some businesses though don’t need to be open and I say if it is wasting money and your time then don’t do it.

Enjoy next week, I will be taking it off from blogging in order to focus on friends and family and my clients. The week after I will hopefully get some photos on here.

Always have a clients back

Whenever I am helping a new client or a client I have been with for a long time. I always have their back and if something like important questions can’t be answered by me, then I’m on it like white on rice. For example had a client ask about how customer count can be tracked at their store when using an old register and I found the answer for them and came up with a plan to track their customers count and also update their system. This included finding a way to eliminate space being used and update their technology. Now they are rocking an iPad with traceable stats and eliminated two step system for taking customers credit cards. Next is training them on making their small business more mobile using that iPad. Good thing they don’t plan to be in their office much.


Just getting started

Being new this I say welcome to myself and to the people reading. A little background about me. I enjoy sharing my business ideas and helping others expand their local businesses and grow a more local market for them. I usually achieve this by old fashioned word of mouth and planting idea seeds within people like an infomercial only in person. I have had many jobs where they have turned me into an info robot and made me stand in front of people to put on a short “show”. This was of course not as fun as sitting at a bar chatting about someones product or business and getting the word out about it at the same time. This though did have an effect on how I tweaked their ideas and used it to help my big fat mouth. I have owned 1 business and it was more like an experiment then really a money maker. It was fun and I made several worth while contacts from it and never did I once not have good company. After experiencing all these different things I have helped other small businesses get their word out or helped with marketing their products or place of business. I recently stumbled upon a small business that sells darts and other bar type games. I have started working on spreading the word about them and I am currently working on a small group of friends of mine who own bars and their equipment seems to be getting older. Luckily they have the choice of upgrading or getting it tuned up or fixed. Some being penny pincher’s might tune up or fix but the others will help this very small store expand the market to a larger city.  I love to help small businesses grow and honestly its all to pay for the small things. Haha yes I am not trying to get rich just buy things a little at a time. Maybe one day I will pick up the big league but for now I will enjoy the small things in life.